Dear Santa,

Its almost Christmas again, and I can’t wait for you to come.
Even though I have never seen you and will also never see you, you are the only one that can still make me happy.
This year, I will be at home on December 24th , no one being there to infect me with the virus but also no one to enjoy the evening with. I mean, my parents, my siblings and especially my grandmother are simply not meant to be good conversation partners. Nevertheless, thank
god, COVID protects me from the most awful moments with my uncle Bernard, this boring man, as he is older than 14 years and would be the eleventh person in our living room. All the years before, I wondered how I could escape from Christmas evenings with him, but this pandemic finally makes it all possible.

2020, there no such feeling of finally driving home for Christmas as we all are already at home – for 10 months! I would rather want to be leaving home for Christmas right now, but I guess that won`t be possible as well.
We will be sitting at the table, drinking a lot of alcohol to disinfect our throats, and find ourselves lonely dancing under the mistle toe, keeping the distance of 1,5 meters to each other – and maybe even to ourselves.
Santa, all I want for Christmas is you to visit me these days and take me with you on your sleigh, when my little brother starts to sing “Santa Baby” in his breaking voice without wearing his mask.

And when the year ends and you returned to North pole again, I hopefully will be vaccinated soon and survive all the viruses to come. My friends and I will triumph over COVID like we three kings came through this Christmas and, next year, listening to Last Christmas while driving through the winter wonder land will have a deeper meaning than before. Hoping you will make it even though you are in the Risikogruppe,


Someone who knows you are only existing in snow globes but stills waits for you to fall out
of the oven.

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